6 Tips to Improve Air in Your Home

Some studies have revealed that the air inside our home is more polluted than outside air. Although this at first seems incredible, if we review the factors that determine the quality of the air we will reach the same conclusion. Some of these factors are for example cigar smoke, carpets, pets, mold, cleaning products etc.  A good home improvement contractor can help alleviate some of these issues.

While keeping the house clean helps improve air quality and keeps our painted walls in better shape, it will also help keep us healthy. Here are some tips to improve air quality in your home.

Plants: Plants are one of the best allies to improve the quality of the air as they absorb the toxic elements that are in the air.

Ventilate the house: remember to open the windows daily, even when it is cold to improve the air and reduce pollution.

Vacuum the carpet daily: carpets usually accumulate all the dust and dirt, making it the ideal environment for mites and bacteria. Aspirating them daily not only contributes to hygiene but also to improve the quality of the air in our home.

Leave the shoes on the door: create a routine to leave shoes on entering, at least for family members to keep the house clean. In this way we will reduce dust, dirt and prevent entering the house all the dirt that attaches to the shoes.

Replace paraffin candles:  If you like to light candles to aromatize your home make sure not to use paraffin candles as they release toxic fumes and are artificially perfumed. Use beeswax or soy-based candles.

Avoid toxic cleaning products: these contribute to pollute the air and the environment, try to replace them with natural products such as vinegar, bicarbonate, lemon, which are also much cheaper.

If you have other advice to improve the quality of the air in your home I invite you to leave a comment below.