“The little details make the difference “, you’ve probably heard this phrase on more than one occasion. Well, take note of these simple Feng Shui tricks, which, although they are very simple things, will powerfully increase the positive energy of your home and help you eliminate negative energy.

Nobody better teach us these secrets than the great Feng Shui Masters, many of whom have devoted much of their lives to the study of this millennial science.

In this article you will find 5 tips from great experts to improve Feng Shui at home with which you will give your life a breath of fresh air.

As these experts say, the feng shui of the home is the one that affects the lot of a person. Even if you have a bad feng shui in the workplace, if you live in a house with good feng shui your overall luck will be pretty good.

Terah Council Kathryn Collins (author of the bestseller “Feng Shui for the West” ):

“Surround yourself only with those objects that pass the test of” I love this! . Some people like to fill a room with large plants and brightly colored fabrics, while others prefer a single floral detail and muted colors. ”

First of all your house must be to your liking, let yourself be carried by your intuition and by the feelings that transmit the things to you when decorating a stay.

Council of Simon Brown (specialist in Feng Shui that counts among its clients with big companies like Body Shop and British Airways):

“Avoid leaving dirty water in the kitchen sink. Always empty it as soon as you have finished scrubbing, otherwise the chi of dirty water will negatively affect the nearby people and the chi of food stored nearby. ”

Water is a very important feng shui element and you should always avoid stagnant or dirty water anywhere in your house.

Feng Shui Tips3. Stephanie Roberts Council (author of several books and professional advisor of Feng Shui):

“Keep the area around your front door clear. The entrance is too important a space to be obstructed. If you cannot have the entrance completely clear, illuminate and energize that space with a more powerful light bulb. ”

The main entrance is the primal access of the chi to your house. Since the goal is for energy to flow right through the home, you must pay close attention to being able to enter freely, without obstacles.

Tip of Eva Wong (Classic Feng Shui Master and writer of the book “The Complete Book of Feng-Shui “):

“Do not use vertical blinds, because when they open they look like knives that cut your room.”

Sharp edges and corners pointing into a room are something you should avoid as they fill the room with a quick chi that will make you feel nervous.

“Water objects are generally good, but in the bedroom they do more harm than good. Sleeping with water behind (either a fountain, a fish tank or even a box representing water) can cause economic losses. However, it is acceptable to decorate the bedroom with shades of blue light to encourage relaxation and calm. ”

Water is a great activator Chi, so it is highly recommended to be present in different areas of the home, but not in the bedroom, as it is a place of rest where we must promote yin energy and reduce yang.