Inflammation of the eyelids, eye irritation and headache are some of the health problems that can be faced by people living in a low light environment.

 Improve your mood!

The lack of adequate light can favor the development of negative mood states; Example, depression and anxiety. In addition to fatigue and discouragement to undertake new activities.

  1. Take into account the colors of your environment. Light colors illuminate space by nature. If your decor is based on dark tones you will require extra help.
  2. What type of lighting are you looking for? There are two: atmosphere lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the one that spreads in the general environment (hanging lamps, lamps, table lamps, etc.) the accent is used to highlight some element, you can use it to highlight a painting, a sculpture, some decorative piece. A balance of both is ideal lighting.
  3. Support lights. A table lamp in your room can give you a warm atmosphere, and will allow you to read without disturbing your partner.
  4. Check what voltage your bulbs have. Many times it is not perceived that the lighting is less than we need. Check the voltage and make sure they are greater than 40 watts.
  5. Use your creativity. Play with the lighting of your home by introducing table lamps, in the corners or wall.